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How Do I Get Rid of Neck and Back Pain?

How Do I Get Rid of Neck and Back Pain?

Chronic pain in the neck and back can affect your work, business, advanced studies and your entire quality of life. Simply getting off the bed seems an overwhelming task and whenever you’re thinking of doing something you always worry about the pain and what might happen.

Why does my neck and back hurt?

It could be due to an awkward movement or sports injury. Our posture and modern lifestyle are also to blame especially because we’re spending extended periods of time hunched over towards the computer screen. Our bodies are not just designed to be chained to the chair and desk. It could also be the result of injury to the intervertebral discs or to the small joints between vertebrae. Specific medical conditions might also affect the functioning of joints and the pain you’re experiencing.

It’s the result of misalignment and the correction for it then is to bring back the correct alignment of the bones, joints and muscles. For example, we take several approaches in helping our patients experience relief from neck and back pain. Some of the science-based approaches we implement are:

  • Massage and soft tissue release to relieve pain and stretch tight muscles
  • Postural correction to reduce strain on the injury
  • Hands-on mobilisation of spinal joints
  • Personalised exercise and Physio lead Pilates programs
  • Education and exercise progression for recovery and prevention of recurrence

It takes time and some work but it’s all worth it once you experience the full relief and you’re able to get back to your normal daily activities.

How do I get rid of neck and back pain?

Home remedies will only provide temporary relief because the root cause is not being dealt with. Applying a cold compress every now and then is just impracticable and really it just doesn’t work for long term relief. Taking a pain reliever might help but we know medications have strong side effects. Instead of getting rid of the problem the issue multiplies because of side reactions and negligence as we rely too much on pain relievers.

What’s needed then is to get to the root of the problem. After all, pain is often just a symptom and applying a cold compress or taking a pain reliever would just work on the symptoms and not on the real cause of neck and back pain. Also keep in mind that the pain you’re feeling now might be caused by a gradual process (e.g. poor posture) so expect that taking a pill or two won’t help much.

To get to the root of the problem, the approach should be scientific, individualised and proven. As a result, our team creates a personalised and comprehensive treatment plan for each patient. First we perform a thorough diagnosis to figure out the real cause and the root of the problem. Before designing the treatment plan, we also take into account each patient’s current lifestyle, requirements and other conditions.

Whether the pain is the result of a sudden or gradual process, there’s no reason for you to endure it far longer than necessary. You can contact us today and our team will do a thorough assessment and create a personalised treatment plan for you.

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