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What’s the Real Cause of Your Headache?

What’s the Real Cause of Your Headache?

Most of us will say it’s stress because after all there are many competing demands to our time and money. In this fast-paced living it’s just hard to keep up and take a break. As a result, we’re always thinking no matter where we are and no matter what we’re doing. This constant thinking and stress puts a toll on us in the form of headache.

But is stress the only one to blame? Is it all in our head or perhaps we should look at how body moves throughout the day? What can you do to finally relieve yourself from the headache and improve your overall health at the same time?

The real cause of your headache

We might know more about the universe than how our own brains work. It’s a similar case with headaches because of the 300+ types of headaches, only 10% of them have a known cause. One such type is the tension headache that can be triggered by fatigue and stress. It’s pretty common and almost 75% of all adults have experienced it one way or another.

Another primary type of headache is migraine. Although it’s less common than the tension headaches, the pain is much more severe. This can also be triggered by fatigue and emotional stress. Other triggers also include changes in temperature and humidity, loud noises, strong smells and missing a meal.

Notice that the causes mentioned are often one-time or occasional events (a stressful scenario, missing a meal, an exhausting day or week). However, we also have to pay attention to our daily habits and activities. For instance, the following things can also contribute to headaches:

  • Poor sleeping posture
  • Muscle weakness and imbalance
  • Previous neck trauma
  • Poor overall posture
  • Inappropriate desk and workstation setup

Those things put unnecessary tension to the interiors of our head and affect our blood circulation as well. In other words, we’re also putting unnecessary stress to ourselves through our unhealthy lifestyles and habits.

Most headaches are pretty normal and will go away after some rest or after some over-the-counter medication. However, a headache can severely limit your activities and affect your overall quality of life (e.g. less time outdoors or fewer opportunities for you because you’re missing important events). It’s similar to having a physical injury because the headache will limit what you can do.

To prevent that and experience relief from headaches, it’s important to deal with the root cause. Whether it’s due to poor overall posture or an inappropriate workstation setup, our team of physiotherapists can help. Many patients have already reported relief and a change in symptoms just after the first treatment. For optimal results, three or four treatments might be necessary. Contact us today so we can help find the root cause of your headache. Many doctors recommend their patients to us because of our experience and expertise.

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