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Lower Limb Therapy: Hip, Knee, Ankle & Foot

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Revive Your Stride; Lower Limb Therapy in Brisbane.

The hip, knee, ankle, and foot collectively constitute the vital joints of your lower limbs. Unfortunately, many of us have experienced the restrictive impact of leg pain on our overall mobility, work performance, and athletic abilities.

Leg injuries may result from specific incidents like knee twists or ankle rolls, but more frequently, they stem from overuse or degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis.

If you’re dealing with a leg injury, you may wonder what to expect during a session with our physiotherapists.

You can confidently seek our physiotherapists’ expertise without the need for scans or referrals. We conduct comprehensive clinical assessments to formulate a precise diagnosis and identify all contributing factors. This information enables us to tailor an effective treatment plan for your injury.

Our physiotherapists take immense pride in their commitment to excellence and regularly engage in ongoing professional development. This dedication ensures that we remain at the forefront of the latest assessment and treatment techniques, ultimately working towards your optimal recovery and well-being.

Common Conditions We Treat

The above isn’t an inclusive list of conditions our physiotherapists can assist you with; if you have pain, limited or excessive mobility or a niggle that limits your ability, our experienced team will know how to best help you. So, how can we help?

Once we’ve completed the assessment, your physiotherapist will provide skilled hands-on treatment, which may include:

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At Wellers Hill Physiotherapy, we pride ourselves on our detailed assessment being able to identify all factors of your injury, so that we can apply an effective hands-on & exercise based rehabilitation to get you pain free and prevent recurrence. Contact us today or book online to secure your appointment.

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