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Why Does My Hip Hurt When I Sit Down?

Why Does My Hip Hurt When I Sit Down?

Perhaps you feel the pain when you’re going to sit or when you’re just reaching for something. You might also be feeling the pain outside or inside of the hip joint (it’s also possible to feel the pain somewhere in the thigh, groin or buttocks).

Whichever is the case, the pain that comes and goes could severely limit your mobility and affect your overall lifestyle. Many people who experience the pain stopped exercising and pushing themselves. After all, the pain is alarming and at the back of their minds it’s possible for the pain to get worse (e.g. leading to surgery and hospitalisation).

Why does my hip hurt when I sit down?

Common causes are arthritis, tendinitis, hip fracture and muscle strain. Notice that they all sound related to old age. It’s true that age is a huge factor but we also have to consider too much use and awkward and repetitive movements. The pain might come and go but you can count on it that there’s some damage or inflammation in the joints.

If the pain is too much or it happened suddenly (perhaps after a bad fall or a certain movement), get emergency medical help right away. But if the pain comes and goes and it gets only triggered by certain movements, perhaps it’s the perfect time to seek the help of specialists. For example, qualified physiotherapists can figure out the exact cause of pain. Depending on that cause and your current physical condition, these physiotherapists can design a tailored treatment that can help bring back your mobility. The treatment may include joint mobilisation and specific exercises (e.g. encourage motion and flexibility and help improve strength and mechanics).

That’s one of the things we do here at Wellers Hill Physiotherapy. Our passion is assisting clients achieve a better lifestyle through optimal pain management and optimum mobility. Movement is a part of life and pain in the hip, neck, back, elbow and other bones and joints can get in the way of that. It also gets in the way of physical fitness because the pain or discomfort won’t let you jog in the morning or continue with your workouts. Indeed, pain in the hips and joints affect us more than we realise.

Don’t wait for the pain to get worse and unbearable. Even if the pain just comes and goes, the cartilage can still wear out and the joints get inflamed. Also, pain relievers and medications are just dealing with symptoms (“pain blockers”) and not on the root cause. But with physiotherapy, it’s going straight to the problem without risk of side effects. This is also the way to get rid of worries and gain peace of mind as you resume to your normal daily activities. You won’t worry then when sitting down or pushing yourself a bit when exercising.

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