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Why Do I Get So Easily Injured When Running?

Why Do I Get So Easily Injured When Running?

Running keeps you healthy but why is it that your own body is preventing you from covering more miles or completing the route in less time? Injuries in the legs, knees and feet won’t just stop you from running but also fill your head with worries when running again. This could quickly get out of hand and perhaps get discouraged about running again.

Why do I get so easily injured when running?

At first it seems that it’s just bad luck because other people at your age keep running and nothing happens to them. You might have also noticed that people older than you are running more frequently and yet they don’t suffer the same injuries as you. Literally they just go ahead and keep running. Aside from being left behind, your physical health also gets affected. You could have burnt more calories and allowed your bones and muscles to be put to the test. Instead, your body doesn’t get the exercise it needs for you to stay healthy for the next decades.

Is it because of genetics or bad luck? The truth is there are several factors at play here. It could be about your running motions and mechanics which can put a strain on your knees and legs. As ordinary as it seems, running is actually a complex set of movements that require constant shifting and loading of body weight to different parts of our body. If there’s something wrong with your running mechanics, your body might be suffering from unnecessary strain. Another important factor (a commonly overlooked one) is the choice of footwear. The right choice depends on the runner’s movement and the terrain. For instance, well-used running shoes show different wear patterns as a result of our different ways of running. Also, there are specific types of shoes that are more appropriate in certain terrains (e.g. for tracks with rough terrain and obstacles, the running shoes should be fortified to provide stability and underfoot protection).

Notice here that small details indeed matter especially if we’re dealing with the complexities of running. A single small detail (which can be easily corrected) can make a whole lot of difference to your running performance and prevention of injury. And if we pay attention to all those small details and we do something about them, we can maximise your physical performance and prevent the recurrence of the annoying injuries.

Here at Wellers Hill Physiotherapy, our team of qualified and experienced physiotherapists can accurately identify the factors that contribute to your running injuries. We’ll thoroughly assess your running mechanics and search for problem and opportunity areas. Then, we can provide a personalised treatment plan that would help you get back into running again. Our scientific and tailored approach has already helped athletes, weekend warriors and the elderly with their running concerns. Contact us today for more information.

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