Hip Physio

Hip issues can make it hard to walk, stand and use the stairs. Worse, hip pain can make it difficult to fall asleep.

Many people in lower and higher age groups now experience these hip issues. It could be because of arthritis, pinched nerves or an injury. Whichever is the case, hip pain can severely limit your mobility and everyday life experience.

That’s why here at Wellers Hill Physiotherapy, our goal is to know the exact cause of that pain and provide excellent hands-on treatment. This way, people can resume to their active and exciting lives. Whether they want to improve their general mobility or perform their best on the sporting field, our physiotherapists with a combined 70+ experience are here to apply an effective hands-on & exercise-based rehabilitation.

Wellers Hill Hip Physio

There are several potential causes of hip pain. It could be certain problems with the muscles and ligaments surrounding your hip joint. It’s also possible that the tendons and soft tissues are the cause. And yes, pain in other parts of your body (e.g. lower back) can also cause hip pain.

Arthritis is another common cause. For instance, osteoarthritis occurs when there’s deterioration at the cartilage. This cartilage is responsible for making joint motions smooth and frictionless. If the cartilage deteriorates, wears down or becomes rough, the common result is pain.

Although age and lifestyle are important factors, osteoarthritis and general hip pain are often outside of our control. That’s because genetics, inborn bone deformities and joint injuries can lead to discomforting or painful hip issues.

For example, sports activities and awkward movements can lead to sprains, strains and dislocation. The stretching or tearing of ligaments, muscles and tendons could lead to hip pain and inflammation. It’s also the case with dislocation (which could be the worst case) wherein the hip joint might even become immovable.

Because of the several potential causes, it’s difficult to pinpoint the one responsible for all of it. Also, the human body is a complex system of interdependencies. The root cause might be different from what you’ve thought originally.

Many people from Wellers Hill consult our physiotherapists to identify the exact root cause of the hip pain. Backed by technical and theoretical excellence, our hands-on service always achieves the highest standards. We focus first on determining the cause of hip pain, and then proceed to give an appropriate or customised treatment.

Woolloongabba Hip Physio

People from Woolloongabba also trust our team of physiotherapists. Being in the vast sports stadium inspires people to become active and sports-oriented. However, injuries do happen because of joint overuse and awkward movements. These may cause immediate or gradual onset of pain.

It’s always recommended to get an early assessment and treatment to avoid more serious issues. For example, our physiotherapists incorporate these techniques during treatment:

  • Joint mobilisation
  • Manual traction
  • Soft tissue massage and trigger point therapy
  • Deep transverse frictions
  • Myofascial release
  • Corrective and preventive exercise
  • Ergonomic advice
  • And more

The combination of treatment may widely vary from one patient to the next. After all, there are several potential causes. Also, patients have varying ages and daily activities. As a result, the approach should be unique and personalised for each patient.

Many doctors and medical specialists refer their patients to us. For over 25 years (and going stronger), we’ve become a valuable member of the Wellers Hill community. People from sporting clubs, school communities and local businesses also regularly approach us for their hip-related concerns.

With our combined extensive experience and superior technical expertise, we’re able to accurately pinpoint the root cause of hip pain among our patients. Our physiotherapists have also been able to design and implement successful treatments. As a result, our patients have experienced improved mobility whether for everyday activities or sporting events.

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