Hand Physio

The perfect function of hands is important in most day to day activities. Whether it’s a work or home activity, it really gets difficult if you’re experiencing pain whenever you use your hands. It also gets in the way of your relaxation and enjoyment (especially if you’re active in sports). Indeed, your hands can severely limit your mobility and affect your life’s quality.

Good news is you don’t have to endure this kind of pain for longer than necessary. With a personalised, evidence-based and excellent treatment, you can bring back your hands’ functionality and return to your exciting living.

Wellers Hill hand physio

Whether it’s an injury or damage to your hand tendons, muscles or joints, our team here at Wellers Hill Physiotherapy can pinpoint the cause and design a personalised treatment for you. This personalised approach is crucial because patients have varying ages, requirements and medical conditions.

It starts with a thorough assessment to pinpoint the cause and complications (e.g. effect to surrounding joints and muscles). Perhaps the pain or injury is due to frequent strain or overuse. It’s also possible that you made an awkward movement that dislocated the joints or tore up muscle fibres. Whichever is the cause, we can pinpoint the issue with our comprehensive assessment.

After the thorough assessment, our team of qualified physiotherapists can then design a treatment for you (specifically exercise-based rehabilitation). The treatment may cover any or all of the following:

  • Massage and/or dry needling to improve flexibility, pain & swelling
  • Joint mobilisation to improve your joints movement
  • Taping, compression or bracing to support the injured joint
  • Guidance with work/recreational positions and what activities to rest
  • Specific exercise to stretch inflexible areas, encourage motion to facilitate healing and improve your strength and mechanics

Our goal is to improve your mobility and prevent recurrence. We understand that hand injuries and pain can severely affect your home, work and recreational activities, which is why we adhere to scientific approaches when it comes to hand physiotherapy.

For more than 25 years, Wellers Hill Physiotherapy has become a vital part of the Wellers Hill/Tarragindi community. Through those years many athletes, professionals, business owners, students and elderly patients have come to us. Doctors and medical specialists even recommend our team to their patients because of our expertise in treating hand injuries and pain. Phone us today at 3892 7501 if you want to bring back your hands’ functionality so you can return to your active lifestyle without worries.

Woolloongabba hand physio

Aside from the Wellers Hill community, we’re also becoming known in Woolloongabba because of our science-based and results-oriented approach. Aside from satisfactory results, we also guarantee a professional approach whenever we’re dealing with a patient.

We’re also committed to keeping up with the advances in physiotherapy so we can deliver more effective treatments. Our team undergoes continuing professional development so we can acquire more knowledge on physiology and biomechanics.

Phone us here today at 3391 3331. It’s important that we know the root cause of your hand pain, injury or discomfort. This way we can immediately design a personalised treatment that could help you resume to your day to day activities without constraint.