Foot Physio

Foot pain or injury can severely limit your mobility, make you lose sleep, prevent you from participating in sporting events and even make you miss out on the most exciting experiences.

That’s why here at Wellers Hill Physiotherapy, we aim to speed up the recovery, prevent recurrence and bring comfort to our patients. We accomplish this by designing a tailored treatment specific for each patient. Patients have varying conditions and requirements, which is why our qualified physiotherapists take their time in determining the root cause of the foot pain and then designing a tailored treatment.

Wellers Hill Foot Physio

What could be the cause of foot pain? It could be because of muscle and joint overuse, an awkward movement or things that could be outside of your control (genetics, rheumatoid arthritis). You might be feeling the pain on the back, bottom, middle or front of your foot (it’s also possible that a patient feels pain on both feet). Also, the pain might come and go or even get intolerable when you perform certain movements.

Here at Wellers Hill Physiotherapy, we take our time in determining the root cause so we can design an appropriate treatment. Many doctors and medical specialists in the Wellers Hill/Tarragindi community refer their patients to us because of our deep expertise and specialisation in physiotherapy.

Some of the foot conditions our physiotherapists can help patients with:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Arch ligament sprains
  • Heel pain
  • Forefoot pain & toe pain

It’s not a full list. So if you feel a disturbing pain on your foot when doing certain movements or you’ve noticed that you have less mobility on your feet, our experienced team can still help in determining the root cause and designing an effective treatment.

Hands-on and exercise-based rehabilitation

Once our team has completed the assessment, we can then provide a hands-on treatment that may include the following:

  • Massage and/or dry needling to improve flexibility, pain & swelling
  • Joint mobilisation to improve your joints movement
  • Taping, compression or bracing to support the injured joint
  • Guidance with work/recreational positions and what activities to rest
  • Specific exercise to stretch inflexible areas, encourage motion to facilitate healing and improve your strength and mechanics

The goal is to help you get back to your active lifestyle. There’s no reason to endure any kind of pain beyond what’s necessary, which is why our qualified physiotherapists are here to help relieve the pain and prevent recurrence.

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Woolloongabba Foot Physiotherapy

For 25+ years we’ve helped a lot of elderly clients, athletes and injured patients in Wellers Hill/Tarragindi community improve their general mobility through our tailored treatment. This is also what we’ve been doing here at Woolloongabba.

As a result, many of the doctors, medical specialists, sporting clubs, school communities and local businesses trust us when it comes to physiotherapy. We identify all the factors related to the injury and consider the patient’s specific condition before performing a hands-on or exercise-based treatment.

Our team also undergoes continuing professional development to keep up to date with the latest advancements in physiotherapy. This way, we can always deliver the most modern and effective treatment to each of our patients. This has been our commitment for more than 25 years.

Contact us today if you have a foot injury or experience disturbing foot pain. Our overall goal here is to improve your general mobility and help you gain more exciting experiences through more physical activity.

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