Elbow Physio

Although the elbow joint is much less prone to damage caused by wear and tear, it can still happen and when it does, it can be very painful and might severely limit your mobility. It can also be very difficult to perform day to day home and work activities. And yes, an elbow injury or pain can make it impossible for you to perform many kinds of exercises and sporting activities.

The most common cause of elbow pain is overuse. After all, many kinds of jobs, sports and hobbies require repetitive movements of the hands, wrists and arms. These repetitive movements can put a constant strain (plus the wear and tear) to your elbow. Another cause of elbow pain or discomfort is due to an accident or an awkward movement.

Wellers Hill elbow physio

Whether it’s the cause of overuse, accident or awkward movement, our professional team here at Wellers Hill Physiotherapy can create a tailored treatment for you based on your specific requirements and conditions. The goal is to get you pain-free, prevent recurrence and improve your general mobility.

Our team is able to design a tailored treatment for each patient through a rigorous assessment. This assessment includes identifying all impairments and contributing factors that lead to the elbow pain. Whether it’s a broken arm, bursitis, dislocated elbow, osteoarthritis, golfer’s elbow, rheumatoid arthritis, sprain, tennis elbow or a stress fracture, our team can help you get faster recovery and improved mobility as soon as possible.

Then, our physiotherapists will implement a personalised hands-on and exercise-based rehabilitation that includes the following:

  • Massage and/or dry needling to improve flexibility, pain & swelling
  • Joint mobilisation to improve your joints movement
  • Taping, compression or bracing to support the injured joint
  • Guidance with work/recreational positions and what activities to rest
  • Specific exercise to stretch inflexible areas, encourage motion to facilitate healing and improve your strength and mechanics

Phone us today at 3892 7501 if you require such personalised hands-on treatment here at Wellers Hill. For 25+ years many doctors and medical specialists in the Wellers Hill/Tarragindi community have been referring their patients to us because of our experience and expertise.

Woolloongabba elbow physio

In Woolloongabba we’ve also established a solid reputation when it comes to bringing results. Many athletes (whether from professional teams or school communities), professionals from different fields, local business owners and elderly clients trust us with their elbow recovery so that they will be free from pain and better focus on their physical performance, studies, work, business and retirement as well.

Pain and discomfort in one of your elbows makes it hard to exercise (which is vital to elderly people). As a result, this even accelerates or facilitates further physical deterioration, which is why many people quickly approach us whenever they have issues with their elbows and other joints.

Phone us today at 3391 3331 if you require a professional and results-based physiotherapy services here at Woolloongabba. We’ll start with a thorough assessment so we can design the most effective treatment for you.