Upper Limb: Shoulder, Elbow and Hand

If you are suffering from pain or an injury to the Shoulder, Elbow, wrist or hand, we’ve all heard people say you don’t know how much you use your elbow, hand or shoulder until you’ve injured it. Injuries to our arm can be some of the most limiting because good arm function is so important for most day to day activities.

Injuries to the shoulder, elbow & hand are common areas for occupational or recreational overuse injuries, but they may occur by catching yourself from a fall or overstraining.

So, you have an arm injury – what can you expect in a session with our highly experienced physiotherapists?

A detailed assessment to identify all impairments & contributing factors:

  • Flexibility assessment including the impact of your work postures
  • Muscle strength to ensure you have adequate muscle strength to support the joint
  • Biomechanics to ensure you are moving in an optimal manor
  • Work/Training Load

Once we’ve completed the assessment, your physiotherapist will provide skilled hands-on treatment, which may include:

  • Massage and/or dry needling to improve flexibility, pain & swelling
  • Joint mobilisation to improve your joints movement
  • Taping, compression or bracing to support the injured joint
  • Guidance with work/recreational positions and what activities to rest
  • Specific exercise to stretch inflexible areas, encourage motion to facilitate healing and improve your strength and mechanics.

At Wellers Hill Physiotherapy we pride ourselves on our detailed assessment being able to identify all factors of your injury, so that we can apply an effective hands-on & exercise based rehabilitation to get you pain free and prevent recurrence. Whether you need shoulder physio, hand physio or you’re experiencing pain in your elbow and upper limbs we have a solution for you.


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