Acupuncture & Dry Needling

At Wellers Hill and Woolloongabba Physiotherapy, several of our Physiotherapists possess skills in acupuncture and dry needling (DN). These skills have been achieved through further study in courses approved by the Australian Physiotherapy Association. They regularly attend refresher courses to keep their techniques updated.

Traditional acupuncture and DN techniques can be easily and seamlessly integrated into a physiotherapist’s existing skillset and enhance their clinical effectiveness, as well as broaden the range of conditions that they can treat effectively.

Our physiotherapists may offer to use acupuncture and DN as part of your treatment and many patients will request this as part of their musculoskeletal treatment.

The evidence base for acupuncture or dry needling in various areas of physiotherapy, has increased substantially over the past decade. In particular, research has grown to provide evidence-based support in the treatment of acute and chronic back pain, chronic neck pain, tension type and migraine headaches, pelvic girdle pain, knee osteoarthritis, lateral elbow pain and shoulder conditions.

Our Physiotherapists use sterile single use needles that are safely disposed of after each treatment.

Please feel free to call us today at Wellers Hill on 3892 7501 and Woolloongabba Physiotherapy on 3391 3331 if you would like to discuss how Acupuncture or Dry Needling may be beneficial to you.