Why Does My Lower Back Hurt When I Lie Down?

Overstretched muscles, tendons and ligaments is one potential cause. Other possible causes are ankylosing spondylitis (a type of arthritis), spinal tumour and disc degeneration. In many cases the pain can be eliminated through medical and physical therapy but there are also cases when coping is the only solution.

Why does my lower back hurt when I lie down

A pulled lower back muscle is often the cause and the pain may subside after some rest. Minor pain will automatically go away on its own after some time. At-home treatment such as applying heat pads and getting a gentle massage might also be enough. However, these might only be temporary fixes because the root cause is not getting dealt with.

As a result, it’s crucial to get a thorough diagnosis and assessment especially if the pain comes and goes. Many patients also come to specialists if the pain becomes really uncomfortable and distracting (to the point it’s hard to focus on work or leisure or they now have trouble sleeping because of the pain). Over-the-counter medications might do the trick the first few times but be aware of the potential side effects. Also, at-home treatment only works if there’s no serious problem.

If you want to know for sure the root cause and get effective treatment, you can rely on us here at Wellers Hill and Woolloongabba Physiotherapy. Doctors and other medical professionals refer their patients to us when it comes to back pain and injuries. With the use of our scientific background and long practical experience, we are able to design and implement a personalised treatment for each patient.

For example, in our treatments we often incorporate a combination of joint mobilisation, postural retraining and soft tissue massage. The design of the treatment depends on the patient’s specific condition and requirements. We may also include practical ergonomic advice and tips about helpful sleeping positions so that you reduce strain to your back and muscles on a daily basis.

Our approach is integrated and holistic because we consider the patients’ lifestyles and requirements. Perhaps the patient is active in sports and fitness or that his/her job requires heavy lifting and climbing or long hours in a sitting position (e.g. office staff, drivers, heavy equipment operators). It’s crucial to design a personalised treatment based on the pain’s root cause and the individual’s unique condition.

You should not endure lower back pain longer than necessary. Rather than going out there and enjoying the outdoors, you worry about the pain potentially getting worse. Or, perhaps you already lost hours of sleep because of the pain and worries. Let our experienced physiotherapists figure out the root cause of that pain. Then, we can create a tailored treatment specific for you.