What Happens to My Physiotherapy Sessions During Lockdown?

The lockdown is there to slow down the spread of COVID-19 and make it more manageable to hospitals (i.e. flattening the curve). If the spread is too fast, hospitals will get overwhelmed and it becomes more difficult or even impossible to provide quality care.

However, it’s not just about the COVID-19 patients (although this is urgent and requires global and nationwide coordination and response). It’s also about the other patients who also need proper care. This includes people who suffer from physical pain and limited mobility. Those issues affect not just their physical activities, but also their mental state and the capability to weather stress and uncertainties.

What happens to my physiotherapy sessions during lockdown?

There could be specific restrictions in your area and those restrictions might change anytime. This is to better respond to the coronavirus emergency as new information about the risks and dangers comes along. As a result, physiotherapy sessions may or may not continue depending on those restrictions and your personal situation as well.

In line with that, many of our patients here at Wellers Hill and Woolloongabba Physiotherapy contact us about their ongoing treatment. The treatment often requires physical attendance and assistance to help mobilise the joints and relieve the pain. But because of the changing restrictions and the people’s individual situations, patients might miss some of the treatment sessions. After all, they don’t want to get exposed unnecessarily and many are willing to delay non-urgent treatment to stay safe.

To make the treatment still ongoing, physiotherapists might advise a light exercise program patients can still do at home. Physiotherapy professionals might also remind patients on what activities to avoid and advise them what to do when something hurts. It’s crucial here to keep in touch with professionals to aid recovery or at least to stop the pain, injury and discomfort from getting worse. It could be through phone or a video call depending on the agreed scenario of the patients and physiotherapists. Physical visits can still happen provided there are safety precautions.

It’s a tough time and full of uncertainty. What’s certain is that everyone suffering from any health issue needs and deserves timely and proper care. For example, if the back pain is getting worse, the underlying cause might be serious and urgent. It could be because of a ruptured disc, arthritis or a kidney infection. In other words, it could be as life threatening as being infected by COVID-19. The difference is that this coronavirus is highly contagious. Either way, both cases require proper and timely professional care.

Persistent pain and discomfort add to the growing stress and worries of people. Because of the injury or pain, many people might have been already isolated even before COVID-19. Their mobility has been severely limited by the pain and it even gets worse because of the lockdown and crisis. As a result, they might need to endure the pain and discomfort for a longer while.

Before you try to do anything about your pain or injury, it’s best to ask a doctor or physiotherapist first. Sure you can find physiotherapy exercises online but it may be unsafe for you because of your specific condition. Right away it’s best to contact a relevant professional so you’ll always be safe and you can speed up your recovery.