Shoulder Physio

Shoulder pain can severely limit your mobility and enjoyment especially when it comes to sporting activities. It can be very hard or impossible to swim, throw a ball or even fall asleep because of the pain that comes and goes.

There’s no need to endure that pain or limitation for far longer than necessary. With the right treatment (specifically exercise-based rehabilitation), you can get back to your active lifestyle and do swimming, basketball, soccer or running again. With a fast recovery and relief you can also better focus on your home living, outdoor adventures, career, business or retirement.

Wellers Hill shoulder physio

Here at Wellers Hill Physiotherapy, our team provides personalised treatment to each patient for faster and optimal recovery. First, they will perform a thorough assessment to determine all the contributing factors to the pain you’re feeling in your shoulder and surrounding joints and muscles. Then, our professional team will create a personalised program based on your specific requirements and conditions.

Whether it’s because of accident or occupational or recreational overuse, our team of physiotherapists has successfully helped elderly patients, young professionals, athletes and other patients find relief from a shoulder injury or pain. We usually accomplish this through the following approaches:

  • Massage and/or dry needling to improve flexibility, pain & swelling
  • Joint mobilisation to improve your joints movement
  • Taping, compression or bracing to support the injured joint
  • Guidance with work/recreational positions and what activities to rest
  • Specific exercise to stretch inflexible areas, encourage motion to facilitate healing and improve your strength and mechanics

The goal is to get you pain-free and prevent recurrence. This way there will be no interruption to your planned sporting activities and no inconveniences while you’re working or relaxing. Phone us today at 3892 7501 if you require an effective and results-based shoulder physiotherapy services here at Wellers Hill.

For 25+ years our core team has become valuable members of the Wellers Hill/Tarragindi community. Many athletes, professionals, business owners and elderly patients approach us whenever they’re feeling something’s off in their shoulders. In fact, many doctors and medical specialists refer their patients to us when it comes to shoulder-related concerns.

Our science- and results-based approach has made us the top choice when it comes to getting rid of shoulder pain once and for all. It starts with a thorough assessment of flexibility, muscle strength, biomechanics and work/training load. Then our team designs a tailored treatment with the primary goal of getting rid of the pain and improving your mobility. This personalised treatment is crucial so you can get back to your day to day and sporting activities as soon as possible.

You can phone us today at 3391 3331 if you require a science-based shoulder treatment here at Woolloongabba. There’s no need for you to endure the pain, discomfort and constraint for far longer than necessary because our physiotherapists are always here to help.