Calling all runners!Got a running injury? Or a niggle that stops you from progressing your running further?

Unfortunately not all physiotherapists & health professionals will give significance to your niggle, assuming that if you can run 5km, you must be fine!

Treatment starts with a detailed assessment of your training habits & how you run, which is the cornerstone of identifying crucial factors to resolving your symptoms.

As part of your assessment you can expect an analysis of your flexibility, muscle activation, soft tissue load tolerance & most importantly a running technique assessment!

From this we would then collaborate to form a management plan suited to your injury & situation. This would include hands-on treatment, guidance with an appropriate rehabilitative exercise program and advice on your running – footwear, warm up, stretches, technique, training types & loads.

We like to keep runners running. However there are  some conditions where reducing or eliminating training load is necessary.

During this time, which we call the “runners pre-season”, your physiotherapist will coach you through the appropriate amount of running or cross training & look to progress your rehabilitative exercise program. This addresses any identified crucial factors about your body & running, so that you can return from injury a better runner and with more resilience to injury.

If you have an ongoing running injury that you would like a fellow runner & physiotherapist with a passion for helping runners, then call Wellers Hill Physiotherapy on 3892 7501 or Woolloongabba Physiotherapy on 3391 3331 for an appointment.